Who To Follow: Content Marketing Industry News

Recently I published my first YouTube video, “Media To Follow For Content Marketing Industry News”. Within the video I interview four DigitalRelevance employees. I ask each of them to give a quick breakdown of some of the news outlets and some of the influencers, they read and follow on a daily basis. This post should help you follow along with the video. But first each offers a tip on how to get started.Unknown

Megan Schuman, Media Outreach Specialist Megan uses Feedly to organize everything into three main categories. The three categories are marketing, tech and general news. With these three categories she finds that it’s hard to miss out on major industry updates or current events.

Ashley Halberstadt, Director of Digital Media Relations

Ashley offers two tips.

  • The first may seem rather simple but should never be forgotten – check out what’s trending either on Twitter or Facebook.
  • She also finds that following Agency’s can be very valuable because they usually have multiple professionals contributing to their blogs and it is always good to see what they’re talking about. Two great suggestions for content marketing, media relations, and more traditional PR can be found below.
  1.  Shift Communications
  2.  Lewis PR

Sharmin Kent, Content Marketing Coordinator

  • Sharmin believes that is all about following the right people. She says that if you are following the right people, you will always know what is going on and sometimes even before mainstream media. (I second that!)

And with that being said, let’s check out their suggestions for outlets and influencers to read on a daily basis.


Holly Hammond, Media Outreach Specialist, suggests two outlets that are great for new PR professionals.

  • Holly started with PRDaily because it collects all the really good articles that are already out there. They talk about media relations, traditional PR, B2B, B2C, social media, and content marketing. It really covers all the basics and presents different viewpoints and voices of what everybody is talking about.
  • Holly also suggests PR in your pajamas. She said that while it is not updated that often, it is still a great website to check out!

Megan suggests

Ashley suggests

  • Gini Dietrich (SpinSucks) Ashley looks to her for her opinions and her advice.
  • Carrie Morgan, for PR specifically, Rock The Status Quo. She is always contributing to other sites and tweeting new content. The website offers great insights onto what is happening in the industry and can be useful for training the rest of Digirel team!

Sharmin suggests

  • TechCrunch is one of those websites to read to learn about where the money is going in tech, which also leads to marketing. Where the money goes – is where the marketers go.
  • Digiday has a great daily email newsletter that covers everything from traditional marketing to digital marketing and it is also very current.
  • SocialMediaToday covers everything from marketing to hardcore social media.

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